The Literacy Council exists to provide literacy instruction to individuals and families to strengthen communities.

We do this: 

  • regardless of means or ability to pay

  • to improve quality of life for individuals 

  • to advocate for literacy awareness and services

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The Literacy Council, founded in 1985, is a not for profit organization that empowers people to achieve.


  • 15% of our service area population over 16 has a primary language other than English (SIU 2019 Index of Need Tables)

  • Within our service area, there are 34,983 adults (10% of the population) out of school without a high school diploma or equivalent. 

  • The greatest single indicator of a child's future success is the literacy level of his or her parents (Proliteracy 2019). 

  • By 2018, 63% of all U.S. jobs will require education beyond high school. 

  • In a recent survey, 92% of business leaders thought that U.S. workers were not as skilled as they needed to be. Adult Education builds the skills of workers. 

  • For more information on Adult literacy, visit ProLiteracy

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